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Starting from today, you will notice that the photos are now larger on Twitter. It seems that the developers are trying to focus more on media heavy experience and now, the application features un-cropped photos and the multi-photo display has been improved

The new update has been released to help Twitter continue its transition from text-based services to one that also supports rich media better than before. We remind you that Twitter also received an update on its media service such as visual media-focused “Moments” and auto-playing videos.

We remind you that in the past, when you were posting photos on Twitter, the images were cropped in order to fit the old user interface. However, at the same time, this encouraged more users to click on the tweets in order to see the full photo, but this was quite annoying and would heavily slow down the browsing experience.

For the users who didn’t know or didn’t have the time to edit their images so they would appear correctly in Twitter, it was quite annoying, because their photos would never be presented correctly.

Well, from now on, you don’t have to worry about this, as the full image of the photos will be presented on Twitter. At the same time, you will have to scroll more often than before, as the pictures will be quite large and they will cover a big amount of your display.

In addition, when you send a tweet that contains multiple photos, the display format for that post will be larger than before. It also allows you to pick a picture that will be presented bigger than the others in the layout.

According to Twitter, this update is live for everyone as we speak, but at the same time, not everyone will see the changes right away. However, you will don’t see the updated format yet, you will most likely see it soon enough.

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