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If you are another user who was facing low performance of an iPhone or iPad after installing the iOS 9, must be amused by now as the iOS 9.2 version is way better than all the previous versions of iOS 9 series.

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus and you have updated it with the iOS 9.2, then you must have visibly observed that all the delays and interface have  become smooth with the new version that you were earlier experiencing. The issues were also with the Camera option or with the Spotlight, but as the new operating system has been introduced, the lags have been fixed. All the bugs can be felt that they have now improved quite a lot. The performance of this iOS 9.2 is significantly very brilliant on the iPhone 6 hardware and those with the other models like iPhone 5, 5S, 4 or iPad Air can update to the new version and check out the performance of new software in their devices.

With the personal use of iOS 9.2 on iPhone 6, the things are pretty fast and applications are opening up with greater ease. The Camera is not getting delayed while opening and the multitasking are more feasible. Not only that it is a single person’s experience, but the other users with an update to the iOS 9.2 have given satisfactory comments with the operating system. With the reboot, you can actually notice that the device has gone to the much relaxed phase.

How to enhance the speed of iOS 9.2:

  • As always, you need to back up your iPhone first. So that, you could secure your data, such as photos, contacts, messages, emails, videos etc.
  • Now, install the iOS 9.2 on your iPhone and when it gets completed, get back to the Home Screen.
  • It is very wise if you refrain from any activity on your iPhone after the installation process. This is recommended because we do not know, but the repairing procedure is going on in the background of the system and when we do not let it work properly, it slows up your device.
  • When a fine duration of installation and updating has been done, then give a forceful reboot to your device by pressing the Power button first and then pressing the Home button. Your device will start to boot and will perform with better speed.

If you still feel that the device is not performing with the right speed, then you need to uninstall any software or applications from your hardware so that the load over the memory will loosen up and you get better speed.

There are none of the details given that which features are present in the iOS 9 to enhance the performance, but it is obvious that it is working better than iOS 9 and iOS 9.1. So, if you have not tried this newest version, then go to the Software update and install the brand new iOS 9.2.