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Needles to say that with the passing of time, Minecraft has made it to the top and it has also gathered a lot of fans and supporters. The best part about this game, is that developers are always trying to improve the overall gaming experience.

Mojang has unveiled a detailed list of all the major enhancements regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition. These basically draw attention to changes and upgrades that the Pocket Edition has experienced this past year. This makes a world of difference because most of the Minecraft fans experienced their first gaming practice on the mobile version.

The Pocket Edition might be missing out on some features, a few of them which can be easily experience on the PC variant of the game. One example would be the fact that the PC variant has the new and improved 1.9 version and the neat features that are packed in the latter cannot be experienced in the Pocket Edition. This might be a bit annoying for some gamers, however Mojang in collaboration with Microsoft have made sure that users also experience a vast array of mobile upgrades. The two collaborators are striving to add more and more updates as the Pocket Edition sells like hot cakes.

Microsoft has unveiled a brand new trailer for the Pocket Edition which showcases what the new upgrades bring to the scene as well as the entire progress of the game.

If you don’t remember what these new updates imply, let us refresh your memory: users can upload their personalized skins or pick from preset ones, they have the pleasure of throwing things from the comfort of their boat, a vast array of bricks can be used to decorate, your doggie can eat the rancid flesh of zombies, the Minecraft experience can be shared with a buddy, due to the Windows 10 Edition Beta, golems can be build and users can also create some neat potions in Brewing Stations and last but not least, you also get to experience new attacks from creatures like cave spiders, baby zombies and a lot more.