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The iOS 9.2 have hit the market and every Apple user is updating his or her device to this system, which is working faster than the prior versions. With this updated operating system of 9.2, there are many improvements and bugs have been fixed as well. But, still some users are happy to have the old version of 9.1 in their iPod touch, iPad or iPhone.

Provided that the Apple is signing older version of iOS, you can downgrade it up till then. Although, it is unknown that for how many days the iOS 9.1 will be available, but it could be possible that it will be for two weeks, a week or few days. Therefore, if you want to downgrade your system to the 9.1 from 9.2, then you must quickly get it done before Apple stop letting you get it signed. It will work in the same way while operating with iOS 9.2 beta and iOS 9.2. It is not something extraordinary if you downgrade from iOS 9.2 to the iOS 9.1, but still if you want to do, then here is the procedure:

Relegate your iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.1:

The procedure will be the same from all of your Apple devices like iPhone, Mac, PC, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Make sure that you have run the backup on your device on iCloud or iTunes, so that all of your emails, photos, videos, emails, data, pictures, apps and all the other important stuff present in your device.
  • For your particular device, choose the right or appropriate version to download.
  • Connect your USB cable; open up your iTunes and start running the downgrading process.
  • Click on the related device in your iTunes and on the Options; click the option of Restore, if you are using the Mac device. While if you are using Windows, click on Restore option.
  • When you will select the IPSW file of iOS 9.1, the device will be restored. As the device will get back to the iOS 9.1, all the data will be removed from its memory.
  • You are now ready to use the device as a brand new one or get all the data back by restoring all of its photos, emails, videos, contacts, etc.

With the recent statistics, it has been evaluated that iOS 9.2 is giving better performance as compared to the previous operating system.