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If you’re a fan of the GTA series, then you’ll be glad to hear that a brand new update will be rolling out to GTA 5 Online this month.

And this is no rumor, as GameSpot stated that the mastermind behind GTA 5 Online, the popular Rockstar Company has made public this forthcoming update. The latter will target the multiplayer mode of the game. This upcoming update is dubbed Executives & Other Criminals. This entails gamers to be VIPs, meaning they can also create their own crime rings.

Besides that neat feature, according to the website, users will also have the choice to add a personal touch to their condos and villa located in Vinewood Hills and a lot more exciting things are on the way with the release of the new DLC.

The latter will also bring new modes such as Extraction Adversary Mode and Co-Op jobs in Freemode. This has been confirmed by the site IGN. The latter source also confirms that new guns and all sorts of properties will be put at the disposal of the gamers.

Also, the fun part about VIPs having their private crime rings is that users can select or even lay off whichever players they wish when forming their elite crew of bodyguards. These types of organizations will be able to confront one another in Freemode and here they will also gain access to all kinds of defense privileges. According to Game Zone , here is a list of the detailed defense privileges gamers can choose from: brand new armored automobiles (Turreted limo is one neat example) or the defense system incorporated in the Yacht.

Note: only those who play GTA 5 Online on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 as well as their home computers, will be able to profit from all the goodies packed in this upcoming update. Those who own an Xbox 360 or a PS3 are not on the list to receive this update. Fans should look forward for this Executive & Other Criminals DCL to roll out on December 15.