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You get an enormous range of fixed bugs and developments by the Apple team in the newly released iOS 9.2. The beta version of iOS 9.2 was already given to the developers by Apple on 27th October. With the effective jailbreak by Taigu or Pangu teams, they have eagerly waited for the release of iOS 9.2. The two vulnerabilities in iOS 9.0 to the iOS 9.0.2 have been countered by the Apple team in iOS 9.1 so that the jailbreak by Pangu is no longer required.

The rumors are out in the market that Pangu has already got the jailbreak for iOS 9.2 beta 4; therefore, everyone is looking towards the iOS 9.2 to hit the updating tabs soon.

On the other hand, the team of Pangu has not expressed any of their opinions on it that whether these rumors are just the rumors or more than that. Neither the team has given any official statement about the successful development of the jail breaker for iOS 9.2. As soon as the Pangu’s jailbreak is ready, it will be released by them, neither Apple has given any counter strategy for that.

As all of us have seen that the iOS 9.1 were released by the hacking team and got $1 million for that and now they have also got the jailbreak for the iOS 9.2. The dots are connected to each other and as the new iOS 9.2 are here, then let’s see that what it has got for us.

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