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Some previous rumors about Elder Scrolls 6 were suggesting that this upcoming game will be named Redguard or Argonia. However, according to N4BB, there are high chances that none of these two names will be used in the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6.

According to Movie Pilot, the release date of the Elder Scrolls 6 is not settled yet and the new names that this upcoming game will have is Elsweyr or Skyrim 2. Some reports suggest that there are high chances that the developers will re-consider the name of the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 and surprise us with something that we will never guess.

Elswyer and Valenwood could be two awesome locations that will be added to the upcoming version of the Elder Scrolls series. However, there are many fans of this franchise that are quite confused right now and they have no clue if any of these names will actually be used for the Elder Scrolls 6 game.

We remind you that both Argonia and Redguard are currently trademarked and there are still chances that one of these two names will be used. On the other hand, names such as Battlespire or Daggerfall are not active anymore, which means that the developers will surely not use these ones.

According to VineReport, there are high chances that dragons featured in Elder Scrolls Skyrim will return in Elder Scrolls 6. Let’s not forget that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a real success and the developers might consider bringing some of the features from the game that they’ve released back in 2011.

However, it is good to know that Bethesda is currently busy with the Fallout 4, as they’re concentrating on fixing all the bugs and issues that are found in this game. As soon as most of the problems are fixed in Fallout 4, we’re sure that the developers will start focusing on this game also.

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