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Even if the majority of handsets out there have failed to embrace the Android 6.0 M, the 6.0.1 update has just been released by the titan Google. Although this does not bring major changes, it never hurts to patch up a few bugs here and there or to include minor enhancements, if you’re curious to find out what’s new with this update, stay tuned.

Brand new emojis, revival of camera shortcut and improved UI
New emojis are the number one addition regarding the Android M 6.0.1 upgrade. Now, there are over 200 of these teensy smiley emojis which users can use freely.

So, even if these brands new emojis are the most obvious chance, there is another cool feature that will prove to be useful for those who own older Nexus devices. The new Android M 6.0.1 upgrade brings the double click power knob snapper shortcut addition for those owning a Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 device.

Nexus tablet aficionados will really see an improvement regarding the UI with this Android M 6.0.1 upgrade. The change targets the navigations symbols (back, home and the multitasking one) and with the latter update, the back & home keys are now moved to the left corner of the tablet screen while the multitasking one is located on the right side.

Users can also enjoy the “do no disturb” element which for some reason was eliminated with the Android 6.0. If you recall the latter feature allowed you to mute disturbing notifications until the following alarm. Now, this feature is back and ready to be enabled.

As for the grapevine regarding a new security addition, the Android 6.0.1 update also comes packed with security enhancements, so users can rest assure as their information is secure, be patient as this Android M 6.0.1 upgrade will reach all Nexus devices in the following weeks.

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