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It has been a rough period for the developers of Adobe Flash Player, working under pressure to fix a bunch of vulnerabilities which were causing the software to be very vulnerable to hacking attacks and a few days ago was released version, which contains fixes for critical vulnerabilities which have been identified in Security Bulletin APSB 15-32.

It is known that the Adobe Flash Player has had serious problems with its stability and many hackers took advantage of its vulnerabilities and spied on people’s computers, stealing important information. That’s why the developers struggled to patch as many vulnerabilities and possible and in the new version, no less than 79 CVEs have been addressed. However, Adobe has specified that none of them are being exploited publicly.

There were also problems with the desktop version of Flash in the version and earlier for Windows and Macintosh, and Adobe had to release a new version for the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

Back in September, Adobe has released another big update with patches for 23 vulnerabilities, while last week, the company has announced that its Flash Professional CC will be re-released next year under the name of Animate CC and this tool will be used to develop HTML5 content, because more and more developers are moving away from Flash to HTML5. Until then, Adobe will continue to support the Flash player. Mike Hanley, program manager R&D and Duo Security, told Threatpost that “this is a recognition that there is a future where Flash will no longer be a dominant platform on the web, but with no clear timeline or planned deprecation schedule, many legacy applications and web content will continue to rely on historically problematic platforms like Flash to get the broadest possible adoption for years to come”. By removing Flash out the sudden, many websites which have videos and games embedded into them would crash, so it’s mandatory for the software to continue to be supported until the launch of Animate.

According to the change log, the Adobe Flash Player comes also with patches for memory corruption vulnerabilities, integer and buffer overflow vulnerabilities, security bypass vulnerabilities, a type confusion vulnerability etc.