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Apple has been very busy lately, releasing the new Smart Battery Case ($100) for the iPhone 6s, then the following updates: OS X 10.11.2, tvOS 9.1, watchOS 2.1 and iOS 9.2 being the last one and containing the most important improvements. Apple has fixed many bugs in iOS 9.2 and added a variety of UI changes and other tweaks.

First, the iOS 9.1 brought 150 new emoji characters (rolling eyes, thinker, nerd, unicorn, middle finger, some emojis related to sports etc.) which have full support for Unicode 7.0 and 8.0 emojis; the Live Photos feature can detect when the user is raising or lowering his iPhone, so it won’t start recording and were added compatibility updates for Apple’s Apple TV and the iPad Pro. Also, Siri has become smarter and you can give it voice examples, which means that the assistant can be trained to recognize voices and to differentiate your voice from that of others.

The iOS 9.2 is more like a fourth update to iOS 9 and these are the changes it comes with:

Import Photos To iPhones Using A USB Camera Adapter

Previously, only iPads were able to use the USB Camera Adapter in order to import pictures from SD cards or digital cameras, so now, this feature is supported by the iPhone 5 and above.

Mail Drop Support

Mail Drop was introduced in OS X 10.11 and it allowed iCloud users to attach documents with a size of up to 5GB, and the attachments were uploaded in the background, so the sender didn’t need to send it with the email, as the attachment was downloaded on the receiver’s device. iOS 9.2 added this functionality for iPhones and iPads.

Apple Music Has Some Changes

Previously, when you wanted to add a song, the only option was to add it to an existing playlist. With the iOS 9.2 update, you are now allowed to add a song to a playlist which you’re creating in that moment. Also, the playlists are now ordered based on when was the last time they were edited, showing first the most recently added new songs, also, the icons are showing which songs you’ve downloaded to your phone/tablet, and which have been uploaded to the cloud.

Siri In Arabic

The Arabic speakers can use now Siri in their language, as the assistant supports both spoken and written commands.

Safari View Controller Can Be Used With Third-party App Extensions

Until now, Safari View Controller allowed you to view web pages inside third-party applications, but iOS 9.2 brought some changes, so when you’re opening a weblink on Twitter app and you’re tapping on the Share button, now you can have access to lots of third-party app extensions.

Peek And Pop, the 3D Touch Gestures Supported On iBooks

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus came with a new screen technology called 3D Touch which works based on lighter or harder pushes on the display, providing Quick Actions and gestures such as Peek and Pop. Now, these gestures are supported on iBooks, so now you can peek and pop into pages, bookmarks, search results etc.

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