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As the Android 6.0, Marshmallow is out; its first update to the Operating System is out too. Right after the two months of release of Android 6.0, the version of 6.0.1 with the new emojis is out too. This version is highly compatible with the Nexus devices too. There are small amendments made in the user interface of the navigation bar, which are very fresh.

On the devices like Nexus 5X, Player, Nexus 6, 7, 5 and 9, the Android 6.0.1 is very much compatible. The users of Nexus gadgets must be patient if they have not received any updates because they will get them soon.

As everyone is anxiously looking forward to this update of the Marshmallow version, some of the questions have already started to arise, such as:

  • Will this version carry some changes as per given in earlier versions too or there will be old styled bugging fixtures and minor improvements amongst the new version.
  • Well, for all those who are waiting for the new version, the good news is that there are some great facets and improvisation in the version. They might not be very extra ordinary, but they are definitely the most exceptional amendments that you will see.
  • The navigation bar is all redesigned and you will find the changes in it. The back and home buttons have been moved to the screen’s left side. While, you will find the switcher or overview buttons on the right side. With these changes, the accessibility to these buttons has been eased up. Earlier, they were present at the middle of the screen.
  • Just like Apple new iOS 9.1, you will find similar new emojis on your Android app too. So, you can now tell your expressions in a better and expressive way. You will get to see 10 tabs for the emojis too.
  • In the Do not disturb option, you will be happy to see the “Until Next Alarm” option, which was left in other version of Android of 6.0. In new update, you will see this option back.

In the Marshmallow 6.0.1, there are so many security pieces in it that will enhance your smartphone’s security hat will be released by the end of this year’s December. So, if you want all of these changes in your Android phone then get the update done or wait for it to arrive.