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The whole world works and utilizes the Whatsapp’s instant messaging service for the communication and that is for free. Almost every other person uses it for the communication purposes and there are some amazing features, which never let you switch to the other messaging application. You get to have the rick links on Whatsapp, just like there is on Viber and Facebook. Not only that, you can also star the messages in your Android application for Whatsapp.

Earlier, the two new features were only available to download at the official website of Whatsapp, where version 2.12.367 was available, but then the update was also available on the Play Store. It happened around last week.

The additional feature that Whatsapp has brought to you is the series of all new emojis, with the help of whom you can actually say whatever you want. Means, your freedom of speech right has extended a further more. Not only that there is dietary food items present on your emojis section, you also get to have spider, medals, unicorn and much more. The categories of the emojis are also included in the application. Now you get eight tabs, but not five only. The detective face is the new that you will get for surprising your friends. As soon as you will install this new version, you will get to have the advanced expressions.

The same emojis will be present in the brand new Unicode 8 at the 9.1 version of the iOS. For the Nexus device, the update for the Android version will be present in the upcoming week. In your Android version of Whatsapp, you can easily add these emojis and enjoy talking in this language. With these few steps, you can enable the emojis in your Android Nexus:

  • For Android, you need to download this Whatsapp 2.12.374 version of the beta.
  • On your Android gear, click on to the download notification that you have downloaded on the smartphone. For your phone or tablet, if you have downloaded the file on your computer, then you will see the APK file.
  • As you download the Whatsapp version of 2.12.374, you will see that each page is asking for the permission with that “next” option on it. As you click on it, you will see the app starts installing.
  • Now, you are all ready to bombard your friend’s contact with the brand new emojis.