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With the third party extension ecosystem, the browser of Google chrome is more flexible and that is how you enable the extensions to work with it. With these ten easy and free ways, you can enhance your experience of using the Chrome web. These are the methods that are totally new and they are very helpful for your browsing. They are:

  1. NEhancer:

Everyone love to use Netflix and it is always in the improvement procedure. With this new extension of Chrome named NEhancer, you get the information related to the Netflix directly to your page. All the Netflix details of trailers, IMDB, Rotten Tomato ratings, etc are available with this hack.

  1. Sunrise Calendar

Although the Google Calendar is available for free, but it is missing with some very essential features that you can look into. With this extension of Sunrise Calendar, all of those issues will be addressed and not only that, you get the mobile app for both iOS and Android with this. The mobile apps are more supportive than the extension at Google Chrome.

  1. Inbox by Gmail

Google actually shows you that how an inbox is supposed to work. The finest and user friendly features are huge! You get to organize things, you get to have the notifications, and you get to save you time with some amazing features. With this extension, you get into the simpler version of Inbox and addressing the emails.

  1. Google Chromecast’s Videostream

The famous and best media streaming gadget that so far exists on the scene is none other than Chromecast by Google. This is an extension with minimal prices and it is easy to use as well. The extension is continued to improve and it is for free on Chrome. You can so easily get the Computer stuff to your TV.

  1. Criptext for Gmail

With the inclusive Gmail advancements, the Criptext includes an additional number of essential features on the Gmail. We all are the Gmail users; therefore, it is very helpful for everyone. This extension offers you the best feature of unsending the email that you can perform either before or after the email. You can also end the encrypted messages or emails. This gives you the chance to upload the file of 100 MB with an absolute security. This extension also tells you that when your attachments are or emails have been read. Opened or downloaded.

  1. WorkFlowy

With this Chrome extension, you actually get to draw the whole shopping list and managing the corporation at the same time. The feature of this extension includes:

  • On any sub-list, you can zoom it easily
  • Along with the list item, you can add any notes.
  • You can work on this extension by syncing it with the devices like tablets or phones.
  • Make the lists, enlarge them or remove them.
  • You can filter the items on your list and tag them too.
  • This app works offline without any hassle.
  • You can run an instant search too
  • This list can be edit easily too just like some text or document.
  • Yu can mark the items as completed.
  1. Calculator

The Chrome Calculator is something the most simple and less complicated that you will see. You do not need to use your smartphone or desktop’s calculator to do some easy tasks. This Chrome Calculator will help you out.

  1. Showgoers

If you are not at home and wishes to watch movies with your friends and family, then this Showgoers is the best app to work with. In the different browsers, this extension does synchronization so that both of the users get to watch the same thing at the same time.

  1. Redditr

All of you people love to be at Reddit and with the Redditr, you can easily visit the handy Reddit world. The extension works in both online and offline ways. You can easily post comments, browse stuff, and post there.

  1. WhatsChrome

You can use the official Whatsapp on your Mac or Windows computer so easily with this extension. You get all the basic traits of Whatsapp in it like sharing photos, voice messaging, video, texts, video, etc.