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Until now, Microsoft has worked on its Windows 10 upgrade strategy for the Windows 7 and 8.1 computers, and this information comes from the developers of a tool that can block these upgrades. Josh Mayfield said that the Windows Update called “AllowOSUpgrade” has already made its way to a number of PCs and even if the users have switched it off, it keeps re-setting itself.

Because of this upgrade that Microsoft is forcing its users to install on their Windows 7 or 8.1 computers, Josh Mayfield has developed a tool that will make the Get Windows 10 update go away. This applet has been installed by Microsoft in March, on a bunch of consumer and smaller business computers and it was activated in June, so with the help of Mayfield’s tool, which he called GWX Control Panel, is blocking the unwanted Windows 10 update notification from reappearing.

The GWX Control Panel has now the version number 1.6 (available from November 24), and it received background monitoring, so the users don’t need to re-launch the application in order to detect if Microsoft’s has made some changes to its update strategy.

Some users have been complaining that, out of the sudden, the “do-not-upgrade-to-Windows-10” has been replaced with “do-upgrade”, even multiple times every day, and they were bothered by this notification. Mayfield said that the “Microsoft has released this update several times” and “It doesn’t change the name of the update, but every version is new, with new binary files”.

Apparently, Microsoft will add the new OS upgrade to the Windows Update list on the computers running on Windows 7 and 8.1, but it will be an “optional” item, then in early 2016, the Windows 10 upgrade will shift to the “recommended” list and the updates will be automatically downloaded and installed on computers. Not all users are ready to upgrade their devices to Windows 10, preferring to remain on their current operating systems and with the help of GWX Control Panel, which monitors ten different Windows settings, they have the option to decline the upgrade. Unfortunately, Microsoft keeps messing up these settings and the users don’t even know what’s happening behind their backs.