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The OnePlus 2 came with the same screen size and cameras, but with an upgraded processor and a bigger battery. The device has a low price for what it offers, but this means that it’s not a perfect phone and it may disappoint those users who had high expectations from it. But there are many solutions to the most common problems, so below, we’ll teach you what to do if your phone’s camera is not working, if you have WiFi or Bluetooth issues etc.

When The Camera Isn’t Working Properly

It seems that some devices prevented the users to take photos when they were activating the flash for the main camera. Apparently, the screen wasn’t showing anything and the camera pp was refusing to take the picture, then the phone was locking itself. OnePlus 2’s default camera application has some problems and the only way to be able to take photos with the LED Flash enabled is to install a third party application, such as Google Camera, or to perform a factory reset, in the worst case.

Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth Problems

There are many phones, in general, which have connectivity issues and the users are solving them by rebooting their devices and their routers, but they also forget the WiFi networks and reconnect to them. If you have Bluetooth issues, then remove device pairings and try to repair your device.

When The Fingerprint Sensor Isn’t Responding

The OnePlus 2 received a new button and inside it it’s hidden the fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, sometimes, the fingerprins canner doesn’t respond when the user is trying to tap the home button with one hand, while holding the device with the other hand. We recommend you to use a case for your OnePlus 2, or to put down the phone (on the desk) and to try to tap on the home button with one hand. If this doesn’t help either, you might consider updating your Oxygen OS.

The Clear All X Button Is Missing

This button which theoretically, sits in the top right of the Recent Apps menu, vanishes out of the sudden and the users don’t know how to get it back. The bug has appeared in Oxygen OS 2.02 and 2.1, so you’ll have to wait for the developers to release an update which will solve this problem. Another solution is to update the Google app or to reboot into Safe Mode.