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In a move designed to hit the market for iPhone accessories manufacturers, Apple announced an external battery for iPhone 6S, promising up to 25 hours of additional autonomy.

Taking the form of a protective case for iPhone, the accessory made of a flexible material is able to cushion any falls and includes quite a bulky battery. Appearing like a hump behind the phone, the extra battery almost doubles its thickness. The compromise made at the ergonomics is offset by the fact that we get rid of cables and no longer have to take care of a portable power supply.

This accessory is provided with Lightning port and remains permanently connected to the mobile phone, complementing its battery when needed. Further, the connector provided at the bottom allows the use of Lightning cable to simultaneously charge the external battery, and the internal one.

Offered at a price of $99, accessory called iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case certainly is neither the cheapest nor the best looking product of its kind available for the new iPhone series. Promoted as the official accessory for iPhone 6S, better and more reliable than similar products offered by third parties, the product aims to increase the company’s revenues and to attract more users from the budget allocated for optional accessories.