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Yahoo and Google have always been users’ favorites when it came to search engines, both companies building a reputation in the computer software industry. The rivalry between Google and Yahoo will never end, but the heyday of second company started fading a few years, and Google became more used, even if the relevance of its results is not as high as on Yahoo.

Every day, millions of people from across the globe are visiting Yahoo or Google’s search engine, looking for information which they need for personal purpose (movie reviews, musical events, places to visit) or for work (real estate economics, evolution of the financial sector etc.).

Yahoo launched its search engine 20 years ago, while Google appeared two years later. Between the two companies it was always a race in an endless maze, and the internet users tried both of the search engines, then they became loyal to one of them. Unfortunately for Yahoo, Google knew how to win its fans’ hearts by offering them a clean and simple search engine, and an animated gif every time the world was celebrating a special event, such as the birth of an inventor, or the national day of some country.

But, in terms of relevancy, it seems that Yahoo has an advantage, because it’s able to generate more relevant results with a relevancy degree of 4.8, while Google obtained a degree of 4.6. But, Google’s advantage is that it provides more concise results, meaning that the users can find a preview of information on the right column, so they can have a clue what the page contains.

Google has a more advanced algorithm which filters content and prioritizes quality websites, while Yahoo is listing well-established links and pages. Therefore, the results provided by Google are more reliable and useful for bloggers or site owners, which can improve the quality of their own projects, building better links.

Google has in addition a feature called Google Instant, which provides relevant results the moment the user finishes writing the word or phrase, so he/she no longer needs to press enter. Yahoo, on the other hand, has a cluttered home page, with lots of attractions, where the users can check the news, weather, finance etc.