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When it was launched, Apple Maps has had huge problems, which have convinced many users to continue using the solution offered by Google. But after a long period in which they’ve tried to improve the service continuously (and make Mountain View’s rivals lives more difficult), Apple apparently has a Maps application of really popular among iOS users.

As VentureBeat website writes, Apple Maps is used in present three times more than Google Maps from iPhone and iPad. Specifically, each week are made over 5 billion searches related to different locations or routes. This is a huge step forward, given that after the launch in 2012, Scott Forstall, one of the Apple officials, was urged to apologize publicly. Forstall refused and resigned from the company, Tim Cook was the one who provided the statement.

Currently, Apple receives information from 3,000 different sources and Cupertino giant seems to send vehicles to include different routes to the app. For now, Apple Maps is only available on iOS and despite its remarkable success lately, is unlikely to ever see it in the Play Store.