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The Lab research reports of McAfee have revealed that the valiant hackers are now doing business by selling the Netflix accounts of some innocent consumers who are paying for their accounts regularly. In the Dark Web, this new sort of product has been launched, in which the hackers are selling accounts for half of a dollar or less than that and provide the lifetime availability of Netflix’ streaming and other services.

With the service that the users can trust their peers and share the passwords, with that advantage, the hackers are making sells to the potential consumers in the underground market.  All of these real owners have no slightest idea that what has been done with them.

Here are some of the easy tricks through which you can locate that your account has been hacked and you can also deal with it too.

The Motherboard tells a way that by checking out the details from webpage, you can check out that your personal details have been compromised or not, also you get to know that was the data breached. If you think that this website is not much effective in telling you, then you need to start finding out from somewhere else, such as from your own account on the Netflix.

The Business Insider tells that you can simply go to the Recently Watched area and see that which the last movies that are appearing are. When you see that there are some weird movies, then it is understood that someone has got your information.

Now, you need to go to the main page of your account. Click on the option of Sign Out from all the devices. With that click, you will be able to sign out from all the sessions of your Netflix, which are going on in the various devices. It’s time to change your Netflix account password too.

You must be aware now that you are not sharing your password with the friends and family members or anyone else. You need to check out that who is trying to get into your account by minimizing the number of people to it.

If you have an account of other viewer profile, then it is for sure that third party has some presence within your account.

At the end, you must think about this fact too that when a hacker has sold your details, then he must have spread your personal information as well. You need to change your personal details and passwords to the other accounts as well. It is better if you keep matchless passwords for every account. By checking out your ban activities, you must also keep an eye that whether there are any frauds occurring or everything is alright.

Remember that the online scams have boosted a lot and if you did not deal with them smartly, then you may face serious consequences as well. This Netflix is just a small example of what hackers are doing with you.