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Even if many thought this will never happen, Minecraft will be available on Nintendo Wii. Today was the official announcement by those at Nintendo and the game developers at Mojang. The game will arrive via eShop and will be available to download starting with December 17th at the price of $30, but there are no news about a physical version of it.

With this new launch Minecraft for Wii U offers a bundle of the six most popular add-ons together with the game and a holiday festive theme. Furthermore the developers mentioned that players can expect to receive even more expansions and a lot more content with free core updates of the game as time passes. Also all DLL packs are optional, the developers say that you can have a lot of fun with Minecraft without spending additional money. But more details about the game will be revealed on the day of its launch on December 17.

Back in September 2014, Microsoft bought Minecraft and the company that developed it, Mojang, for the price of $2.5 billion. From then, Microsoft continued to support Minecraft for other consoles than Xbox and the confirmation that the game will be available on Wii U is one more proof of that. This has led to Microsoft getting serious revenue from this top-performing game on a quarterly basis.

At this moment the game is available on consoles like Xbox one, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and even more there are a few versions of the game available for smartphones and tablets.