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The Mass Effect 4: Andromeda is the successor of the Mass Effect and it is expected to be released in 2016. This new game will come with a new galaxy with some awesome updates and features.

The Mass Effect 4 will also feature a MultiPlayer mode, but the old characters will not exist anymore. The guys from Bioware, the developer company that is working on the Mass Effect 4: Andromeda, have confirmed that they’ve created new maps and characters at the request of the gamers. They’ve also added that they will listen to the Mass Effect fans in order to make sure that they cover a good amount of requests from them.

According to reports, the Commander Shepard will not be present in the upcoming Mass Effect 4: Andromeda. Other reports say that the players will be able to customize their main character in this game.

We also remind you that Bioware has revealed that Andromeda will come with a new protagonist that will have something to do with N7. At the same time, two customizable outfiles for females and males were unveiled and the players will be able to explore the new titular universe called “Helius Cluster”. It seems that this universe will be 4 times bigger than the Mass Effect 3’s galaxy map.

It seems that the upcoming multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 4 will be called “Horde Mode”, where you and other three friends will need to fight against waves of enemy troops in various battlefields. The players will also need to disable bombs near a colony base, assassinate targets and more. By completing multiplayer missions, you will gain XP and earn new multiplayer specific weapons, weapon mods, new equipments and more. By completing multiplayer missions, you will also earn APEX funds (in-game currency) which you can use to purchase items in the Single Player mode.

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