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Apple devices have their own quality and the company never takes it important to tell everyone about its specifications and features’ details.  You hardly see that there is any information presented about the speed of clock of CPU, number of RAM in the device, the core specification of the CPU and much more are not disclosed to the users. Luckily, there is a trick has been released by a developer in jailbreak in which eh hardware details are present. The user can go through these details in an iOS through the Setting application.

With the simple aim in mind, this sensible jailbreak trick has been developed, which is known as the HardwareSpecs. When you install this tweak, you will get the branched Setting tab within the General app. You will get to know all the details by going in the Settings tabs, from there go to the General tab, and from there, go to the Hardware Specifications and you will get to know all the concealed app details.

There is hidden information present comes into the view, which is the name of processor, product details, design, platform, type of the device, L1, L2, L3 caches in the Central processing unit, information related to the memory and CPUs present in there, you will get to know them easily.

If you want to know that what model or version of A9 chip is installed on your iPhone, and then you can get it through this tweak, it works same as of Geekbench 3. There is another conspiracy has been heard that the recent iPhone 6 and 6s plus have the chips made from TSMC and Samsung. It has been alleged that the TSMC is giving better battery time as compared to the Samsung. The way to recognize these chips is by reading N71mAP is for the Samsung, while the N71AP is from TSMC.

Whatever devices running the 9.0 – 9.2 iOS are compatible with the HardwareSpecs. From the BigBoss of Cydia, this jailbreak can be downloaded for free. This tweak is really a helpful thing for those who want to take an insight of the device.

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