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The GTA 5 fans of the PC version are able to load MODS in their game, this is a very powerful tool, especially if some good awesome graphic modders are working on them.

Josh Romite, a member of “The Pinnacle of V”, has brought some awesome changes to the game graphics with a MOD that he just released, Pinnacle of V is a group of members that create graphic MODS for the GTA 5.

They bring some awesome changes to the shadows, weather effects, lightning and more that will look awesome on hi-res screens. The players that own 4K display screens will see some huge changes to the game’s graphics, when it comes to environments, the water or grass animations will also look more realistic than before.

Another awesome thing about this MOD is that it’s totally free and anyone who wants to test it out can download it and install it on his GTA 5 game (as long as the PC can handle all these changes). This MOD can be downloaded from the Pinnacle website ( along with all the needed files, there, you will also find all the information you need to know about how to install a MOD on your GTA 5 (if you are new to this).

This MOD comes with some tweaks on the gameplay, but it’s very minimal and you will barely notice it. In addition, you will notice that the police will work even harder to arrest some gang members. The police force will also carry heavier weapons than the usual ones found in the original GTA 5 game. This means that things will get real nasty when the police will chase you.

Below you can see a short video about how this MOD looks like in the GTA 5 game.

What are your thoughts about this GTA 5 MOD?