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From now on, the users who are purchasing applications from the Google Play Store will be able to use their store credit to make payments, while the remaining balance will be paid through other methods. Google is slowly pushing out this feature and soon, all users will benefit from it.

Until now, the users who didn’t have enough Play Store credit to pay for an application, needed to buy credit at fixed amounts. So, if the application cost $1.60, and the users had only $1.5, they needed to complete the difference by buying credit. Fortunately, thanks to the latest changes, the remaining balance will be paid using a different payment method.

Android Police explained that “The current official behavior when you don’t have enough in Google Play balance to cover a purchase is to force you to use a card, PayPal, or carrier billing. However, some users are now being offered the option to apply their credit to such a purchase”. Also, this option will come in the form of a check box when the user is purchasing applications or media content from the Google Play Store. When ticking this check box, the user is able to make payments with the rest of the Play Store credit and to cover the difference using other payment methods. After making the payment, the user can toggle off the checkbox, and toggle it on when making another purchase.

Currently, this feature is in its initial stage, so it will gradually roll out to the users, so you must wait until it will be available for your device, because depending on your model of phone/tablet and country you live in, you might receive it sooner or later.

It seems that this feature is still in its initial stages. However, since Google usually rolls out updates in phases, it seems that this change is being pushed out slowly as well. It is not known when the functionality will make its way to all users. Those who already received this feature said that it works perfectly and they were able to make purchases using the partial payment method. Until now, they’ve bought applications and movies, but the feature will support all content.