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If you haven’t heard about the device so far, Google’s Pixel C was announced in September but it hasn’t arrived on the market just yet, even thought it looks and sounds like a Chromebook, the new device actually operates on the latest version of Android.

Rumors state that Pixel C might make it debut ahead of the officially announced date and people expect to see it later this week, December 8th being one of the dates mentioned. Meanwhile two benchmark sites got their hands on the Pixel C, and tell us what to expect with the launch of this new 2in1 hybrid from Google.

Both sites, GeekBench and GFXBench, gave really high scores to this device, making it a worthy adversary on the market. Highlighted in the tests was the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor that allowed for such ratings.

The guys at GeekBench have clocked Pixel C’s processor at 1.395 single core performance and 4.345 with multi-core ranking it better than the Nexus 9’s Nvidia Tegra K1, which got slightly lower scores, 1.884 single core and 3.204 multi-core. The same guys say that the Pixel C could of scored even better if it had 4GB of RAM, but it only comes with 3GB at this moment.


On GFXBench the Pixel C also has some good scores and the guys there reveal some more information about the tablet that can turn into a notebook from Google, it has a 10.1” display with a 2.560×1.800 resolution and five fingers gesture support. It is powered by an octa-core Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset which is build with 4 Cortex-A57 and 4 Cortex A53 cores with ARMv8 bigLittle architecture, 2.7GB of RAM, 53GB of storage, 7megapixel amin camera and 2 megapixel front camera, all of this running on Android 6.0.1 Marshamllow.


From a hardware point of view, the two benchmarks say enough, but will this be enough to make the Pixel C a real competitor for Apple’s iPad Pro on the market of hybrid tablets? Both devices address the same sector of the market, that of productivity devices, with plenty of processing power and the form factor to pull it through.


The Pixel C looks like an amazing Android tablet, which is said to hit the market before the holidays with a starting price of $499 and you can add to that $149 for the Bluetooth keyboard.