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The latest Clash of Clans sneak peek comes with new information regarding the major update that’s about to come this month. First of all, the new Clash of Clans Hero that this major update will bring is named Grand Warder. This hero is able to attack both ground and air units and it can be upgraded to the maximum level (20) using Elixirs.

Grand Warder also features a passive Area of Effect (AoE) aura that’s called Life Aura and can regenerate the Health Points (HP) of the friendly units that are located in its range. The Grand Warden doesn’t have much HP and Damage Per Second, but it comes with an active ability called Eternal Tomb, which makes all the friendly units that are inside the AoE Aura to become temporarily invulnerable, allowing all the troops that are targeted by defensive units to be healed.

Supercell also revealed that there will be a level 3 Witch. The Witches upgrade will make a strategy change for the Clash of Clans Players, while raiding a village. Currently, when attacking a village, the level 1 Witches will spawn 3 skeletons for a max of 6 total skeletons, while the level 2 Witches can spawn from 4 up to 8 skeletons. Well, it seems that the Level 3 Witches will be able to spawn 5 up to 10 skeletons (per witch).

With other words, there will be a lot of skeletons that the witches will be able to spawn. This is very important, as the new update will make the defensive units to primarily target the tank units, leaving other troops freely to attack, such as the skeletons. In addition, the players that have a level 10 Town Hall will pay less when they try to find a new village to attack (currently, it costs 1000 gold per request).

There are also some new achievements that you can unlock when the major update will be released for the Clash of Clans. One of the new achievements is called “Anti-Artillery” and it can be completed, when you attack villages that have the Town Hall level 11, by destroying 20 of these new defensive units. Once you complete the achievement, you will gain 100 emeralds and 100 experience. There is not much information about the new defensive building, but it seems that it’s named “Eagle Artillery”.

The other new achievement that this major update will bring is named “Sharing is Caring” and can be completed by donating 100 spells to other Clash of Clans players. You will gain 20 emeralds and 20 experience by completing this achievement.