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What could be higher selling stuff for the iPhone 6 market than the 3D touch? This pressure impact touch by Apple is something makes the jailbreak community to emphasize that everything is not that easy to get. The concepts and proposals by the Apple is something exceptional that you can get an idea of your current notifications that are coming up on the phone.

At the Cydia store, you can find the tweaks that will help you in getting the 3D touch and the other touch systems or features could get activated even on the devices, which are unsupported. For instance, by installing the Traverse, the customized option of Quick Actions gets enabled on ay app. The Home Screen icons get on the Peek and Pop with the PopCorn, while with the new jailbreak trick called 3D notifications, your notification tab gets the pop and peek easily.

The developer who has developed the tricks like NewsOfTheWorld and UntetheredHeySiri is Hamza Sood, who has also developed the 3D Notifications tweak. These are the tricks that help devices to get an update as a jailbreak free version to the jailbreak devices of your iOS. With the Cydia jailbreak tweak, you can look into the notification to its related application when you press harder. While if you press hard simply, then the user will get to the Notification Center directly and get to see the notification content even if the screen is locked. If you get the floating overview of the notification, then dismiss it by moving to the left side and if you want to take a full view plus reply on it or Mark it, then move it upwards. This all can be possible with this tweak feature that is included in this jailbreak.

Apps, such as the writing ones in which Phone, Messages, Calendar, Mail, and Wallet are included in it and more will be available in upcoming days. The great thing about this trick is that it will not show the preview of your Mail when the screen is locked so you have your preview protected.

This intelligent and smart 3D touch jailbreak trick has its worth about $1.50 because it is the best one that we have seen. So far, whichever 3D touch tricks are available for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, this one is the most compatible. You will only be able to install it from Cydia, if you have the latest smartphone device. No matter, which software you have for the updating of your older version of device, name it revealMenu or UniversalForce but you will not be able to get this tweak and it is not changing in recent times.

This tweak is an ideal one for those who likes to keep their information in private and this 3D notification’s new version can be downloaded from the Cydia’s BigBoss too. So, just download it and enjoy having a private life on your smartphone.