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Yahoo Messenger was released 17 years ago under the name of Yahoo Pager, which was an alternative to AIM and it was used on computers. Besides the standard messaging features, Yahoo Messenger offered IMVironments (the users were customizing the IM windows with various themes), Custom Status Messages and address-book integration. The BUZZing feature was funny and annoying at the same time, but the users loved the music-status, because they were letting their contacts know what songs they were listening to. Throughout time, the developers have removed and added new features, making the application available for mobile devices, and recently, they’ve revamped it.

Yahoo Messenger can be installed on iOS and Android devices. It has standard features, allowing the users to chat with their friends, or they can create group conversations where they can include their favorite contacts. The developers have removed the availability status and now, the application, looks more modern.

Also, now, the users can send photos taken with their phones’ cameras, or which are already in the camera roll. However, the images are not compressed, like on other applications such as WhatsApp, so the recipients can download the photos with the original full size. If you’re the type of user who likes to send and receive photos, you will see that it’s very to browse them in photo albums.

Another important feature is the unsend messages, which will save you from unpleasant situations – if you’ve sent the message to the wrong person or if it contains typos and the text needs rewriting. When tapping on the unsend button, the message is deleted from the recipient’s phone, because it’s also deleted from Yahoo’s servers.

Also, you have the option to like messages, using the extra-large thumbs up which are replacing the “ok” messages. So, if you’re too lazy to write something in return, just use a thumb up to let the sender know that you’ve liked his message or photo.

Also, instead of sending stickers or emoji, the application allows you to send GIFs, and the database is very rich, because it’s the one offered by Tumblr.

Remember that Yahoo Messenger still has a desktop version and you can sign in using your email address and a password. You’ll have access to all your previous messages and you’ll continue to chat with your friends using your computer or laptop, because it’s easier to write with a physical keyboard.