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A team of developers from the TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015 hackathon unveiled a virtual assistant for the most used messaging application, WhatsApp. They said that WhatsBot is combining artificial intelligence, Foursquare’s location data and Esri’s mapping data, allowing the users to find places where they can meet their friends.

The virtual assistant can be used by adding the WhatsBot’s phone number (+ 44 748 134 2229) to your WhatsApp contact list. Just imagine that you’re adding another contact, so it’s not that hard to do that. After adding WhatsBot, you will be able to use it in a group chat, where it will suggest you a meeting spot, somewhere halfway between you and the other participants’ current locations.

WhatsBot will determine their locations only if they share their position on WhatsApp, where you will also pot your coordinates and a map. The bot will thank you for doing that, and it will start looking for places where you can go and meet your friends, such as a coffee shop.

Three developers have created WhatsBot and their names are Pierre Becerril, Nil Sanz and Camille Zittoun, who live in different countries: England, Spain and France. They attended the TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015 hackathon event, where they had hours of discussions and debates. Becerril said that they’re WhatsApp users and they wanted to add more services in the application, so they’ve created WhatsBot, which can solve challenges around location.

The three founders have also worked on another travel app for long distance couples, which they called Seeusoon. The application was also presented at the last year’s Hackathon. WhatsBot has a limited functionality, being used only for finding meeting spots for the members of a group chat, but it also reacts within the WhatsApp chat, depending on the discussion topics, giving you a warning such as “Sorry, but I need to report that to your parents”, but it can also draw a teddy bear as ASCII art.