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WhatsApp has more active users than any other messaging application and currently, there are over 900 million people who are logging in every day to send messages to their friends. The application is available on six mobile platforms and offers a web client which allows the users to chat from their computers. In the first year of use, WhatsApp is free, but after that, an annual fee of 99 cents will be applied, but there are some ways to avoid paying it. Below, we’ll teach you how to trick the system.

The good news is that WhatsApp doesn’t bug you with ads, which means that the employees are paid with the money from subscriptions. After completing the first year of use, the users must pay $0.99 to extend the availability of their accounts for the next year. Some users are looking for a way to avoid paying this fee, because they either don’t have a credit card, or because they simply don’t want to pay any money. Luckily, there is a method which will make WhatsApp free for lifetime, so if the steps are followed correctly, then the users will no longer need to pay 99 cents, every year.

So, the first thing that you’ll do is to delete the application from your device, or if you haven’t installed it yet, then get it from the iTunes for your iPhone, or from the Google Play Store/WhatsApp’s official website for Android. After completing the installation, you will use your personal phone number in order to activate your account. After it’s verified, you will use your activated number and you’ll open the application, then go to Settings > Account > and choose Delete My Account. The application will ask for your mobile number, which you’ll enter, then you’ll tap on the Delete my account button. After deleting your account, create another one and check its expiry date by going to
Settings > Account > Payment Info. When you’ll get to the last option, you will notice that the trial period is increased, being available for lifetime.