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At first, the internet users were installing messaging applications on their computers, because the phones weren’t advanced enough and the carriers had exorbitant data plan prices. One of the veterans in the world of virtual communication is Yahoo Messenger, which is now available as an application for mobile devices. But, it doesn’t have as many active users as the Facebook Messenger, which is the mobile version of the social media website.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was initially called Yahoo Pager and it was launched back in 1998. It was one of the most used instant messengers and the users had to install the application on their computers and login using their Yahoo ID and password. In order to add a contact, the users just had to enter their friends’ IDs and they were able to talk in private. If you remember the original version of the application, then you’ve probably used emoticons and the BUZZ button, which made a noisy sound on the person’s computer, who was not responding to messages. The application has been radically updated and now, there is only one standard narrow buddy windows containing contacts and social updates. The users have now the option to opt between a compact or detailed view containing buddy images, but compared to Windows Live Messenger, the application doesn’t allow too much control. Some of the old features are still available, such as the possibility to sign in as invisible, while a new feature allows the users to create plug-ins. The lazy users can call their friends, as this application can be operated just like Skype.

Facebook Messenger

Last time, the Facebook Messenger has over 600 million active users and the advantage is that it’s used by those who registered on the official website, where they’ve uploaded photos and added hundreds or thousands of friends. If you sign up using your phone number, then the application will sync your phone’s contacts, so, if you have friends who are registered to Facebook Messenger using their numbers, which you’ve added to your phonebook, you will be able to add them (automatically) without needing to search for their names. The application has an option to add your credit card (by clicking Payments under Settings) and make payments with it. Also, for a better security, it’s better to add a PIN or Touch ID. Another advantage of this application is its ecosystem which contains over 50 extra applications which can be installed via Facebook Messenger.