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WordPress has updated its fully hosted version with one of the biggest features ever.

The update, which has been codenamed Calypso, brings all new abilities to this platform.

The big changes

First, WordPress has separated its hosted site from its core functionality, making it an admin interface that easily interacts with the WordPress core in asimilar fashion to other third party apps out there. It utilizes the REST API when fetching your posts, publishing new ones as well as uploading photos, among other things.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, everything is new with The developers have switched to a new stack where they used JavaScript and API calls to build everything, as opposed to using PHP and MySQL. In short, this means that whenever you visit a site, the server will distribute a fully-working WordPress client that runs in your web browser.

You will come across a Single Page Application where you get few loading screens when interacting with the interface. There is nothing to worry when it comes to using it on your handset thanks to the responsive nature of the update.

Finally, the new update brings the power of open source development. Whether you want to check simply out the used code or even go ahead and reuse it, there is no problem. However, you must ensure that you are within the regulations of GNU General Public License v2.

There is a desktop app too

The WordPress team did not just stop there. Users of Mac devices can get a desktop app for use on these devices. If you are familiar with Slack desktop app, you will find an easy time using the new desktop app.

It takes advantage of desktop features and web technologies such that the result you get is more of the same thing that appears on the web version, but with much better goodies, for instance, notifications. While Mac OS X users can already download and install this application on their devices, there is no ready version for Windows and Linux platforms, but the company promises that they will be availed “very soon.”

The new update means that WordPress wants to be up there with others and the parent company, Automatic, is more than aware of this scenario. Newcomers such as Medium were doing much better than, but the agonizing process of rewriting the entire site has brought the app’s feel and performance to level terms with modern-day web apps.