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Apple’s iPhone is the most used smartphone in the United States.

While users of this device have been able to respond to messages using a simple swipe for quite some time now, it is only recent that the Cupertino-based tech firm opened this door to third party developers, something that WhatsApp has been very swift to take advantage of.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp for iOS received a new update that lets users respond to messages directly from the notification center as well as homescreen. In short, there is no need for opening the full WhatsApp application to respond to messages.

It’s now simple! Users just need to swipe from right to left over the received messages and from the pop-up window; they can send a reply to the recipient directly without opening the chat app. In the same update, users of the Facebook-owned app will also be able to respond to incoming WhatsApp calls using a message like “can’t talk right now.”

WhatsApp developers also added the much-awaited support for 3D Touch technology – Apple’s pressure-sensitive technology that debuted with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus – that allows users to start new chats by pressing harder on the pressure-sensitive display.

It is has been a while since WhatsApp pushed another update to the iPhone app, but it has just done so for those using Android, which has become a norm for this Google-based platform to come in first when it comes to receiving the app’s updates.

WhatsApp has also rolled out a new version for Android users and with this update, there come quite a number ofbig features for the millions who use this platform.

It is now possible to star messages just like you bookmark them in web browsers. In thecase of any important message that you would love to check back later, just tap and hold on it to pop up more options. Go ahead and tap on “Star” to mark the message as starred. All starred messages are available in the Chats tab.

Other than the ability to star messages, the latest version of WhatsApp for Android has also stepped in with a Direct Share feature for users of the latest Android OS. This allows them to share stuff with WhatsApp contacts and groups without launching the app. The new update gets even better as Facebook developers have also included the ability to send URLs and links accompanied by rich previews of what exactly the message link is all about.

There is no mention of when these features will be brought to the iOS platform, but hopefully it won’t be long.