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The developers of WhatsApp have updated the version for iOS and according to the changelog, the application brings a redesigned settings tab, new 3D Touch features and other improvements. The iOS users can download the new update from iTunes, but if they have a limited data plan, we recommend them to connect to a wireless network, because the installation file has a size of 52.4 MB.

Android is a privileged platform and the developers of WhatsApp have used it to test out the latest features, which have been added later to the rest of operating systems. But iOS is still an important OS and the developers of WhatsApp have added support for the 3D Touch features that have been introduced on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. As you know, 3D Touch technology allows the iPhone 6S/6S Plus owners to interact better with their devices, by tapping harder or very soft on the screen, in order to trigger Quick Actions. Peek and Pop are two gestures which can be used in applications, and the latest WhatsApp 2.12.12 will allow you to preview a chat by holding it, then to view shortcuts for mark read or unread, mute or delete, jut press and drag upward.

The Settings tab has been redesigned and it’s now colorful. In there, you’ll find your starred messages and you’ll have the option to add a preview of the link you’ll send in chats. Also, this update will allow you to answer voice calls and to quick reply to messages within the Notification banner. But to have access to these options, you must upgrade your iPhone to iOS 9 or iOS 9.1.

Let’s not forget that every new update comes with performance improvements, so you’ll notice that the application runs smoother. But if you find any bugs, then you are welcome to report them to the developers, so they can fix them as soon as possible.