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Telegram instant messaging app recently announced the introduction of admins and supergroups that can support up to a thousand members as well as the inclusion of in-app notifications and other features in the app.

Telegram, which was recently mentioned in the controversial debate on weakening encryption and said to be used by the ISIS terror group, has rolled out these new features in a bid to improve its group chats. The secure messaging app is still 100 percent free and features no ads. The new update on the app has allowed groups that have more than 200 hundred members to upgrade to “Supergroups “ that can support up to 1000 members and also has introduced group admins with a some tweaks on the feature.

All group members are still in control

An insight into the app’s group structure and operation reveal that every member of a group can change the group’s photo and thename and also remove members as well as invite new members to the group. Groups in Telegram are somehow democratic by design.This works for groups with asmaller number. The introduction of admins will enhance easier coordination and bring in some order to the groups, more so larger ones.

This feature will see the use of a switch just beside the members’ names under the “Chat Admins”. The members can now decide how the group operates through appointing anadministrator(s) by changing the switch to have more order in the group though all members are still in control by default.

This encrypted messaging platform also allows for a group to have as many as 1000 members. Previously, the app allowed for a maximum capacity of 200 members per group. Telegram has announced that groups with the previous limit capacity can now upgrade to “Supergroups” that can support up to five times as many members than the previous group limit.

New members joining the group will be able to see the whole messagehistory; however the deleted messages will not be available to all group members. The current group members are only permitted to delete their messages. The supergroups are optimized to load faster despite having many members and will be muted by default, though willsend few notifications on members who have left or joined the supergroup.

Telegram users should note that the above features are live on both iOS and Android platforms, and they should have the latest version 3.3 of the app. Users are also advised to wait a little bit before upgrading their groups such that the update rolls out to all users though the update is currently available to all Telegram customers.

In-app notifications for iOS

Telegram clients using iOS platform, will be able to respond to other incoming messages while on another chat without having to stop the current conversation thread. Thanks to the introduction of the in-app notifications that allow users to respond to the incoming messages via theuse of stickers or a quick reply.

Bonus for Android

Telegram users on Android platform have a reason to smile too; there is an introduced ‘Quick Share’ button in the channels just right adjacent to every message. The button resembles a forward button. This button allows for sharing of information and articles.

Telegram has also promised ‘a few more surprises’ before the year ends.