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The newly updated Skype version 6.6 for iPhones and iPads is enhanced with multi-tasking features that enable users to manage audio and video calls much better.

Through a recent blog post, Microsoft Corporation announced that Skype 6.6 has been developed such that a user can get back to an active Skype call (both video and audio) from his or her contact list or instant messages. Notifications will alert users to thearrival of new messages; this is for users who prefer text-based chats in Skype. The users will tap on ‘back’ while they are inan instant message chats to view the unread message counter.

This update detects addresses, dates and phone numbers to the Skype instant messaging. These particulars are now highlighted,and the user can prompt an action by simply tapping on the highlighted item. For instance tapping on a highlighted phone number launches a Skype call or tapping on highlighted address takes the user to Apple Maps.

Scheduling meetings and events by a simple tap

Making work easier for the user, the Skype app will use the chat details to set up a meeting or an event when the user taps on the highlighted time or date. Hitting on the highlighted time or date will open the Calendar application. In addition to setting up the event, a chat URL will be added in the calendar notes that will be useful when setting up a reminder for making a call. The user can open the event and get back to his or her chat by tapping on the URL.

In last month’s update, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus received the app’s support for 3D Touch. Owners of these two devices can press harder on the Skype icon on the home screen to quickly access Skype’s mostly used features that include starting a chat or a call, dial pad and the contacts.

Updating Skype to suit the various platforms

Microsoft is apparently working hard to improve Skype’s features that suit the various kinds of platforms that support the app. recently; the corporation unveiled Skype 6.11 for Android. The update included a new chat toolbar that appears upon long tapping a chat or contact in the Recent tab. The toolbar features tools that allow the user to delete chats, Mark chats as read and mute notifications.

The recent updated Skype for Android also allows users to save video chats and users can also share articles from group chats directly.

More to come

However much Microsoft is updating these apps to both platforms, there seems to be biased with the firm leaning more on the iOS platform. There is also an interesting feature on Skype 6.6 for iOS that lets the user get back to his or her call via an active banner by a quick tap. This happens when the user finds it hard to return to an active call thinking that he or she can be redirectedfrom Skype to other apps.

This is expected to come to Android and other platforms that are supported in the coming weeks or months.