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Google Project Fi, a new program that is aimed at delivering fast and easywireless experience to millions of users across the globe through partnerships with leading wireless carriers and original equipment manufacturers, is offering users something to smile about during this holiday season.

Some subscribers to the program will be surprised with a gift card from the program’s parent company. The holiday present will help users of this service create their Lego charging stand.

This is according to some new photos that have popped up on Google+ that reveal that some Project Fi subscribers are being gifted with a package that allows them to create a stand for use when charging their phones.

Project Fi is available in more than 120 countries

Project Fi is a network of networks that sponges on the infrastructure of current mobile operators to offer users with the most comprehensive services in the market. The service is available in more than 120 countries across the globe.

As of now, users can only access it via an invite-only platform. What this means is that you need to find someone who is already in the program, ask this person to send you an invitation to the program and once you accept it, you will be good to go! The service is currently limited to dwellers of the U.S., but it will be coming to the rest of the globe very soon.

To get Fi Basics, you will need to part with $20 per month; however, you will receive unlimited talk time and texts, with the latter extending to international texting. When it comes to data, Google’s Project Fi charges $10 per GB. However, the search engine giant will refund you the remaining data with the equivalent of credit at the end of every month.

If you already have your device, you can easily request for a SIM, and that’s it. However, there is the option of buying the latest Nexus 5, six as well as Nexus 6P from the company and in any of these devices you will find a preloaded Project Fi.

Even though the stand the Lego kit will help you create will not be very stable, it is a pretty awesome gesture from Google. Very few, in fact, no one, expected such a thing to come in from Google during this holiday season.