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In a bid to keep the Facebook community connected, safe and supported, the Zuckerberg-owned company has started putting into test tools that help users manage their interactions with their ex-partners after relationships cease to be.

According to Kelly Winters, who is a Product Manager at the Facebook Company; the app provides a platform for sharing moments that happen in one’s lifetime including romantic relationships. The company, therefore, is trying new tools that would assist its users to deal diligently with break ups and control their interactions with former partners on Facebook after relationships end.

Tools of moving on

When a relationship ceases to exist, you may want to edit your profile so as to change the relationship status. You will be prompted to trya few new tools on Facebook when the relationship status is changed to imply that you are no longer in a relationship.These devised tools will enable you to see seldomthe name of an ex and his or her profile pictures without the need of blocking or unfriending them. The ex-partners’ posts won’t display on News Feed, and their names won’t be suggested when tagging friends in pictures as well as when writing new messages.

You can as well opt to limit your partner to check out your status updates, photos and videos that you post. Remember that you are the only one who can alter these things upon changing the relationship status on your profile. On the profile editing window, you can opt to maintain your current privacy settings such that the ex will keep on seeing the things you permitted him or her to see before,or you can hide your posts(both tagged in and own posts) from them.

Facebook has also made it possible for users to edit those can view their older posts with an ex and also untagging themselves from posts with those people. You can screen the posts one after another to choose the ones that are to be made private or those that can be untagged. In a move that speaks more of forgetting about the memories, users will be allowed to edit the people appearing in their tags.

Setting the pace

With more than a billion people hanging out on the app at least once per day, Facebook is incorporating these tools so as to prevent its clientele from not visiting their site in the name of avoiding ex-partners. This move apparently will hold the app’s client base as there will be no reason of not logginginto the app in the name of funny and lame excuses like “I’m avoiding myex.”

The tools have started testing out in Facebook’s mother nation, the United States, but will be worked on further upon users’ feedback and then rolled out in other parts of the world.