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A new WhatsApp version 2.12.373 BETA has been released for the Android devices, the new WhatsApp 2.12.373 APK comes with some new features, along with the new Unicode 8.0 emojis and some other emojis representing gay families.

The new WhatsApp 2.12.373 comes with an APK (installation) file that has been increased by around 360KB, but for now it’s not sure what files have been modified, deleted or added. The application has been restructured inside and has received some new directions and the files have been re-ordered, for example, the emojis now have their own folder. However, one thing is sure, the new WhatsApp 2.12.373 comes with 4661 files, while the previous version had only 2990 files.

WhatsApp 2.12.373 also comes with usual bug fixes and other improvements, so we suggest you to download and install this application on your Android device.

WhatsApp 2.12.373 BETA: How To Install On Android Device

WhatsApp 2.12.373 is currently in BETA phase, which means that it can’t be installed on your Android device from the Google Play Store. Instead, you will need to uninstall the current WhatsApp application from your Android device and manually download and install the WhatsApp 2.12.373.

At the same time, you will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your Android device or else you will not be able to install any APK file that has been downloaded from a third party source. This option can be found in Settings->Security or Settings->Applications.

When you’re sure that the “Unknown Sources” option is enabled, go to and download the WhatsApp 2.12.373 APK file to your Android device. Finally, use a file manager to get to the folder where you’ve downloaded the APK file and tap on it to start the installation process.

Have you installed the WhatsApp 2.12.373 on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about it!