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With the latest Viber version 5.6.5, users can now delete messages from both ends of the conversation even after the text message has been sent.

In one way or another,  while chatting via messages, you might have sent a message to a person whom you had no intention of sending the message; or maybe you sent a message that you just feel it shouldn’t be stored or rather an embarrassing message that you feel shouldn’t be saved at all. Well, for most of the messaging apps, you are only allowed to delete the sent message from the device that you used to issue the send command. Thanks to Viber version 5.6.5 that now allows you, the sender, to delete the message from both sides of the chat.

Viber 5.6.5 has more in store

Viber is a freestyle communication app that allows you to communicate with another person who has the application on his or her phone. The Rakuten-owned app has been receiving updates that keep making it more vibrant. Viber allows its users to use its broad features that include text and group chatting; both video and phone calls; games and public chats as well as sharing of photos, videos and also links, over the internet.

Apart from the feature of deleting wrongly sent messages, this latest version of Viber comes in with other new fantastic and easy to work with features. Viber users can now attach files to messages being sent. The files that include archives, documents, presentations and other files will be sent directly via the app.

IOS-based device owners using Viber have a reason to applaud the new update since they will be able to send videos and photos from iCloud. Making the app more interactive and user-friendly, users having at least iOS 9.0 will also be able to reply to notifications without having to open the Viber application.

There is another feature that enables users to find contacts and previous conversations.This introduced feature on Viber 5.6.5 works with the iOS 9 Spotlight Search tool.

BBM has similar feature

This updated feature of deleting sent messages from both ends inViber is a similar feature that is available in BlackBerry Messenger. BBM rolled out the Message Retraction feature last year that enabled users to delete messages (at the recipient end) that were wrongly sent.

The update is found on both Android and iOS platforms, so if you haven’t updated your version of Viber go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download to explore these features.