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Google Hangouts has been updated to allow people join meetings on its platform without the need of having Google accounts.

Accordingto Patrick Wynn,who is the Google for Work Product Manager,“joining a meeting should be something easy as simply walking into a room. It should be as easy as meeting someone in person or face to face over video.”

Easy and simple

The process is quite simple. First, the person without the account is invited, and the person will be referred to as an external guest. The Google user will have to send an invite to the ‘external guest’ by going to Google Calendarand inviting the guest.The guest has to click on the external link upon receiving the invite, and he or she will be redirected to a page that requires the guest to enter the name. On the other end where the initial user is, there will be a prompt to either accept or deny entry of a guest to the meeting.

This will now enable the person to be part of a meeting invited and can chat with other users for the period of a particular meeting.The users on Google Hangouts can permit access to other guests to meetings on mobile, the web andon Chromebox. There is also adherence to security issues over a meeting conversation. The user who created the meeting has the responsibility of controlling and moderating the meeting; this includes muting or ejecting the participants of a conversation. The meeting organizer is also able to restrict access to video calls to specified members of a meeting.

Business world

Not everyone in various organizations has Google accounts; this, therefore, provides an important platform to get in touch with colleagues with no such accounts. It creates an environment that facilitates easy flow of information and establishes an organization that stays connected always. Altogether, in what it seems like trying to reach out further to the corporate world and bringing it closer to the social networking platform, Microsoft Corporation also added a similar feature to its own business messaging app-Skype for Business.

Skype for Business can allow a user to connect to someone who does not use the app provided the person has a landline or internet connection. The Microsoft-owned app can accommodate about 250 people in a single meeting as compared to Google Hangouts that can host a maximum of 15 people.This, for instance, gives the two apps challenges that only healthy competition braced with developing more updates can sustain the market forces.

Not forgetting the recent debut of Facebook’s business manager known as Work Chat, there seems to be a growing trend that the social networking platforms are following to capture the world corporate market. Thisbusinessmessaging appsdo offer almost similar features and appear to offer competitive offers.

The new feature on Google Hangouts is activated for all Google users, and it will be availed to Android, the Web and on Chrome OS.