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Kik messaging app recently unleashed a GIF-supported feature that enables users to send and receive GIFs as easily as using emojis.

Kik, which is a popular chat app among the young people and teenagers in North America, included an integrated GIF search feature that uses the search terms similar to emojis. As such, users can use emoji to get the type of GIFs that they want to share, without having to type or search.

Partnership with Riffsy GIF Keyboard

Kik exclusively partnered with Riffsy GIF Keyboard to enhance the app with GIF support that brings the best GIFs from all corners of the internet. GIFs refer to compressed image files supporting both static and animated images. Using GIFs is easy and fun; while on the chat, open the media tray and simply pull up the GIF tab. A tap on the relevant emoji of choice surfaces GIFs. The user can as well enlarge the search bar to cover the whole screen.

The Kik team opted to reduce the strain while sending GIF. The Kik product manager Joe Rideout outlined that they applied a number ofways to make the feature more interesting and fun. GIF was developed on a caching system, and custom impression basis that enabled fast downloading, and enhancement of several high-quality GIFs display at a go. Despite having an average source GIF capacity of more than a megabyte, the video compression techniques applied by the developers had the size of an average GIF reduced to only 30 kilobytes.

Another thing that the developers focused on was the easy finding of GIFs. Translating emotions and ideas into perfect GIFs is strenuous. Relating an emotion or an idea with GIF becomes easy with this feature. Thedevelopers, therefore, made it easy for users to search the relevant GIFs.

More instinctive and easy to use

Using GIF feature on Kik seems much better than on Facebook Messenger and other apps. For instance, Facebook Messenger depended on third-party applications to offer GIFs thereby forcing users to switch from one app to another; though the Facebook-owned app recently integrated a GIF button that enables its users to stay on the app while using GIFs. About Messenger’s option, Kik’s still more instinctive as users don’t have to type search queries on their devices and prevents users from sending similar GIFs to each other.

GIF language is more or less the same as the language that emoji uses. The Emoji-GIF search applied in the app enables users to translate one visual language into the emerging GIF language.

Looking forward to adding more content and features to the app, the GIF feature initially rolled out without audio though users can switch to Clipdis and GIFdub (both are Kik integrated) to get GIFs that are audio enabled. Kik, which has over 240 million subscribers, started allowing brands on its platform to make money. The company, however, has reiterated that it’s now aiming to serve the needs of the app’s users.

The feature is currently available on Android and iOS platforms only.