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Apple has released its first iPad back in 2010, and Steve Jobs thought that 9.7-inch is the perfect size for a tablet, but when the 7.9-inch iPad mini came, the sales started declining and the company started worrying. This was a bad move and the fans didn’t like the smaller tablet because it’s not as powerful as the iPhone, it’s too large to fit into the pocket and its screen is too small to provide a perfect viewing experience when it comes to gaming. So, in 2015, Apple has released the largest iPad ever and it’s more powerful than all the previous tablets. Also, it’s powered by the latest A9X processor, with which you’ll be able to play the most complex games. In this article, we’ll compare the iPad Pro with the iPad Air 2 and we’ll tell you the differences between them.

First of all, the iPad Pro is a convertible tablet, so you can connect it to a Smart Keyboard ($169) which can be purchased from Apple’s official online store, and transform the device into a powerful laptop, which will help you write documents and create presentations faster. The keyboard has 64 keys with no gaps between them, and the exterior finish is protected against water and spilling. Likewise the Surface Pro 3, the iPad Pro has a stylus called Apple Pencil, but it doesn’t come included in the box, so you’ll spend $99 on it. With this tool you’ll be able to draw and edit your photos, create shading effects etc. The artists are using it because the iPad Pro has a Multi-Touch subsystem built directly into its display.

As for the display, it has a diagonal of 12.9-inch and supports a resolution of 2732x2048pixels at 264ppi, while the iPad Air 2 has a smaller 9.7-inch display with the same pixel density resulted from the lower resolution of 2048x1536pixels. The iPad Pro is also made of aluminum and comes in the same three color options: Grey, Gold and Silver, but it’s thicker at 7mm compared to 6.1mm, as the iPad Air 2 measures.

Also, the iPad Air 2 is powered by an older 64-bit A8X processor which supports an M8 coprocessor and 2GB of RAM, while the iPad Pro has the latest 64-bit A9X processor with an M9 coprocessor and 4GB of RAM.

Ars Technica has posted a report according to which “The A9X can’t quite get up to the level of a modern U-series Core i5 based on Broadwell or Skylake (see the 2015 MacBook Air and Surface Pro 4 results), but it’s roughly on the same level as a Core i5 from 2013 or so and it’s well ahead of Core M. And despite the fact that it lacks a fan, the A9X shows little sign of throttling in the Geekbench thermal test, which bodes well for the iPad Pro’s ability to run professional-caliber apps for extended periods of time.” Apple claims that the A9X processor is 1.8 times faster than the A8X and the GPU is two times more powerful than that of the Air 2.

The iPad Pro has two variants of internal memories of 32GB and 128GB, while its sibling offers variants of 16, 64 and 128GB. The cameras have the same resolution of 8MP and 1.2MP, but the main shooter has improved software. Also, the newer tablet supports Bluetooth 4.2, which is slightly better than iPad Air 2’s v4.0.