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Facebook’s latest standalone app’s operations could be Twitter’s biggest threat regarding content delivery.

The app, which is known as Notify, sends updates via notifications to users’ lock screens.

Notify offers a wide range of updates to its users that include weather updates, breaking news from the users’ area, TV and movie clips, trending and top stories from the publications they follow, major events happening and many more. The app offers a collection of information that apparentlyTwitter does. The mode in which Notify displays its information content onto users’ lock screens does not force users to open the application to view the content.

This shows Facebook’s aggressiveness in providing news to its clientele, a field that Twitter has for a long timelargely depended on to maintain its’ audience.

Game of numbers

The Facebook app itself has a record of more than 1.5 billion users whereas Twitter has over 320 million clients signed up on its app. Notify is a new standalone app from its mother, Facebook with no accurate, current subscribership. Suppose Notify was an app from another not well-establishedcompany, Twitter wouldn’t have much to worry about since it is unlikely that Notify would be downloaded by people surpassing the current figure held by Twitter customers.

The bad news could attack Twitter if the Zuckerberg firm decides to collect views from the current Notify clients, develop them into new tools and features and after that integrate them into the flagship app.

Apparently it is still a tricky situation for Facebook Inc. with Twitter’s commendable lead over the former, with 59% users following breaking news stories on the app whereas Facebook has only 31% of the audience. As such, integrating breaking news alerts from Notify into the mother Facebook app will increase its audience since users will find no need to look up for updates in Twitter as they would have been shown in Facebook already.

Revamped Facebook‘Notifications’ in trial

The Notifications tab on Facebook is undergoing a face-lift with the trial already availed to select users. The revamped tab will display information such as weather updates, nearby places, local news, events and more. The new tab, however, will no longer push notifications to the subscribers’ phones. With Notify, Facebook can learn quite a lot from its’ client base on whether push notifications can just be a feature on its own; conveying news, events and weather alerts or not.

Facebook is already well established with a huge customer base with the clients’ interests at hand and, therefore, can just work on the suggestions and come up with features that fit the clients. On the other hand, Twitter has really put a lot of energy in getting its users follow more accounts. When it comes to signing up of new users, Twitter has fewer contexts on the interests of the users. At the firm’s second quarter earnings meeting, Twitter’s boss Jack Dorsey even disclosed that the company’s new features unsuccessfully managed to retain the user growth. If at all Facebook decides to invest into notifications and news following the launch of Notify, then Twitter is bound to lose; more so on the breaking news segment.

It’s a high time Twitter rolled up its sleeves and made the app more captivating and devise other ways of staying relevant to the market needs. With the frequent updates and features that Facebook is rolling out, Twitter should be bracing up for a more serious battle in the market. Other social networking platforms are also watching the trends and developing more features and apps that suit their clients’ needs. Twitter should change tact and start by working on the Instant Timeline features.