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Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used very often nowadays, now, we rely on these devices to post on social media websites, to share photos, edit photos, send emails, check the weather, make payments and more.

The new Apple TV (2015) is very easy to use and to set up, especially if you have an iPhone. By searching for a show on Apple TV, it will reveal you where it’s available, including on applications such as Netflix or iTunes. The search result will also list if the show is free or if it’s available only for rent or purchase.

As long as you speak clearly, Siri will search for anything you’re asking it, the Siri remote is also able to fast rewind and forward videos by a simple command. Inside the Apple TV there is a super fast A8 processor, which is powerful enough to load and run games without any issues and you will be able to turn the Siri remote or iPhone into a “controller”.

If you have an iCloud Photo Library, then you should know that you can access it using the Apple TV and show pictures that to all your guests on the TV. Apple TV is surely a device that anyone would love to have in their houses, especially if they own an iPhone.

Unfortunately there is not much content for Apple TV yet. For example, the BBC iPlayer is not available yet for the Apple TV, but it should arrive sometimes in the upcoming months. It is good to know that the Apple TV doesn’t support ULTRA HD 4k playback and this is because “the majority of TV fans will be more than happy with the standard High Definition (for now)”.

We agree that there are not many people who own a 4K UHD TV or a fast internet connection to stream this type of content, but the lack of 4K also means that this new device might become out-of-date very soon.


Apple TV is not perfect, but at the same time it does come with many features. This device will surely be enjoyed by any Apple fans.