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Microsoft has released the latest and last operating system, Windows 10, which is available for PCs and it’s a free upgrade for the users who bought a license for Windows 7 or 8. In parallel, the owners of a Lumia smartphone will receive the Mobile version of Windows 10, after this OS came installed on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. So, why would you update your device to this OS? Below, we’ll tell you what it brings.

A New Interface

Windows 10 is a universal operating system, working seamlessly across smartphones, tablets and computers, so the navigation and applications will look the same. If your computer is currently running on Windows 10, then you’re familiarized with its interface and you’ll adapt pretty fast to your smartphone which will be upgraded to Windows 10 mobile.

Cortana Can Do More

Microsoft has introduced Cortana on Windows Phone and this intelligent assistant has made its way to Windows 10 for PC. Now, it’s improved and the mobile users can ask Cortana to remind them to do some things as soon as they leave their houses. It’s just a reminded based on users’ location.

Improved Navigation

The previous Windows Phone showed one row of setting options in the drop-down Action Center, while Windows 10 will show you up to three rows. You will also find easier the most recently added applications at the top, when swiping across to the full app list.

Sync Your Data On OneDrive

Windows 10 relies now on cloud technology, which means that you can automatically back up photos and videos on OneDrive. With the help of the new web browser, Edge, you will be able to share your favorite files between PC and mobile, so you can view them no matter if you’re using a smartphone or a computer.


With this feature, you’ll transform your Lumia smartphone into a laptop, by using a Microsoft Display Dock and connecting it to an external screen, mouse and keyboard.

Windows Hello

Instead of unlocking your smartphone with your fingerprint, you can look directly into the camera and the built-in technology will recognize your face. This is an alternative form of security, which is currently in beta, so it might have some bugs.

Updated And New Applications

Xbox Music has been renamed as Groove Music and it received new features, such as the ability to read album reviews and to remove tracks from the Recent Plays list. Maps has taken the best of Bing Maps and Nokia’s HERE maps and it provides usual street navigation options, as well as information about businesses and it offers local suggestions when you’re on vacation, but if you don’t want to waste any data, use the offline mode and read downloaded maps. Also, Microsoft has included a Voice recorder, so you don’t need to download third-party recorder from the Windows App Store.

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