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All new emojis have been added to Apple’s texting platform with the new update to iOS 9.1 and is just a matter of time until we will Android will get a new set of emojis. WhatsApp is close behind and already updated the app for iOS and Web. The updated Android app is ready and is already starting to roll out with the new set of emojis.

At the moment the update version 2.12.372 was released on the company’s website for testing prior to a global release on Play Store, but it is said to be followed by 2.12.373 to fix minor bugs. The updated version brings a lot of new emojis to the app and reorganizes them in a similar way to that of the iOS app or WhatsApp Web.

Together with new facial expressions, dollar signs, extreme sadness, nerds reversed smile and many more, was a new sign of the horns emoji. This one joins the previously added raised middle finger and Spook sign, all categories have received new gestures, for example the nature tab receives a turkey, an unicorn, a spider and a shamrock, while the food tab gets taco, burrito, hot dog, popcorn and a champagne bottle cap. Sports and activities gets their own tab which now includes, among others, new racing car models, new medals, ice skating, weightlifting, volleyball and a lot more.

Flags have been separated from symbols now, hearts have also been moved to the symbols tab, and are no longer included in the people tab. A new tab with travel destinations and places of worship was created and objects tab has new additions like plenty of crossed swords, shopping bags, joystick, a microphone, a funeral urn and a coffin.

There is a list of iOS 9.1’s emoji available that has more details about the new ones and we are pretty sure that those emojis will be the ones implemented on the Android version of WhatsApp, but, until you update to 2.12.372, you will not be able to receive the new emojis, they will only be shown as a blank box.