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Facebook Inc. is giving marketers targeting Facebook and Instagram audience a new holiday advertisement segment.

The new target segment for the marketers from the two Facebook-owned apps will be available during the holiday shopping season right from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day. Earlier on this year, Facebook availed “Big Game” segment that allowed advertisers reach their audience basing on the context of their chats about Super Bowl.

This will enable marketers, and advertisers reach the audience in both Facebook and Instagram, who are highly engaged in conversations related to the upcoming 2015 holiday season including Black Friday (November 27th) and Cyber Monday (November 30th).

Holiday related keywords

Facebook will bring its audience together by getting the keywords that are mostly used during the holidays from the chats, posts, comments as well as considering the likes and the content shared. This aims at targeting the original publishers of the posts, pictures, and those that interact or are associated with the posts.As such, any brand that would still do shopping can utilize the new feature for any advertisement platform on either Facebook or Instagram.

The new segment can be found within the self-service and dashboards within the “behaviors” section and under the “Seasonal and Events” category.

Reaching out to the market

This is not the first time the Zuckerberg-owned firm has reached out to marketers with targets on theaudience on its platform. This option of targeting theretailers’ budgets share while the holidays and special events periods seems to be getting Facebook a large margin gain. For instance, Facebook started permitting firms to include shopping sections to their respective pages, presenting advertisements with full-screen inventories and started trying out its e-commerce platform. Apart from these recent developments, Facebook also started providing demographic information on foot traffic outside retailers’ premises and also possible driveways around built and permanent stores.

Apparently, Facebook does not give a chance when it comes to availing features that are related to incidences. Recently, just after the Paris attacks the company activated ‘Safety Check’, a feature that enabled its users to get to know the safety of their friends and relatives on Facebook. The company also added tools to the Facebook app recently that allowed partners make changes on their profile without having to offend the other partner in case their relationship ends.

Both Facebook and Instagram apps are frequently updated to suit the clients’ demands and needs as well as considering the seasons and instances. The communication technology sector is characterizedby competition from other firms. For instance, YouTube also availed shopping ads in beta and had the formats available to marketers in time. It is dubbed TrueView for Shopping.