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Adobe has recently announced that its Flash Player will be renamed to Adobe Animate CC and this measure will be taken in order to upgrade the technical support to HTML5, but the fans will be disappointed to find out that the developers have improved only the streaming audio and video player. Unfortunately, the security vulnerabilities will continue to give headaches and the hackers will take advantage of the holes and spy on their targets.

Lately, more and more developers have started to create web content using HTML5, and now, they will use Flash Professional CC, the new name which has been given to the Flash Player. However, you’ll have to wait until its official launch, which will happen at the beginning of 2016, but it’s worth the wait, because the software will come with new features, such as 360-degree canvas rotation and easy-access high-end stock art.

The technicians haven’t managed to fix the security vulnerabilities which have been exploited by hackers in the past years. Unfortunately, many enemies of the Russian government fell victims to groups of hackers who stole information from their victims’ computers, giving advantages to Putin and its regime. It seems that Adobe failed to solve this problem, bringing only a tool that changed its focus.

This serious matter has forced the market to shift and now, the web-based advertising is ditching Adobe Flash in favor of HTML5 because it’s safer and better protected. Even Zuckerberg has decided to move to HTML5, and made this move earlier this year for Facebook, but there is still a lot of Flash content supported by the social media website, such as videos and games. Until now, Facebook has collaborated with Adobe and tried to fixe some of Flash’s security issues for the games that can be played on the social network, but most likely, Flash Player will be killed sooner or later.

It’s obvious that Adobe has lost its popularity, but if the flash player will die, many old websites will crash when they will be accessed on computers and laptops, so these websites depend on the software and their owners are hoping that the developers will continue to improve the software.

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