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Adobe has just updated its Creative Cloud software and introduced a new 3D modeling tool called Fuse. At the same time, the company has renamed the Flash Professional CC as Adobe Animate CC, most likely because there are many websites that ditched the Flash Player in favor of HTML 5.

There are many people out there who love to create 3D bodies and faces. It seems that Adobe is trying to make things easier with the addition of the new app in the Creative Cloud armory: Fuse CC. The application is currently in “Preview version” and it’s made to allow anyone to easily create animated 3D Human models.

You won’t need 3D expertise or any expensive 3D software to do this from now on. Fuse CC comes with a wide selections of hair choices, body parts, clothing texture and clothing items (such as plastic, leather, cotton etc.).

You will be able to save your characters directly to the Creative Cloud Libraries and, after that, drag them to Adobe Photoshop CC. The characters that you’ve just created using Fuse CC can also be modified after you’ve placed them in a scene. You will be able to add faces and bodies and then add hair, shoes, pants etc.

Adobe has made the Fuse CC available as a “Free Preview” to all Creative Cloud members, but keep in mind that the offer runs for a limited time so if you want to have this tool, you’d better grab it now.

The Creative Cloud suite was also updated and received some new features. For example, the Photoshop CC has received a new UI that features customizable toolbar and the Design Space (Preview) will generate results with a fewer clicks. The Illustrator CC has received a new Shaper Tool, which will let you draw natural gestures that will transform into perfect geometric shapes, allowing you to create and edit vector shapes faster than before.